The Super 16

Super 16 Participants

These are the runners who have signed up for this race so far, with links to their twitch streams and twitters. Signup is optional. Anyone who wants to join the race only needs to join the race room on which opens an hour before the race begins.

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Participants (15)

Name   Twitch ID   Twitter
CombustibleDan    CombustibleDan    @dangrz
jakazam    jakazam     
Jose Claudio    _     
namefaker    namefaker89     
Nobody    n0b0dy__23     
Phoe    PhoeKun     
PupG    MrPupG    @MrPupGeek
RayeoTNJ    Rayeotnj    @Rayeo_tnj
Rayz    da_rayz     
Rayz    da_rayz     
SlimKirby    SlimKirby    @SlimKirby
SuperNinTaylor    SuperNinTaylor     
sYn    sYn_stream    @sYnruns
Vampstar87    Vampstar87     
WindFox470    WindFox470     
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