SNES 25th Birthday Party

Tuesday, August 23rd 2016


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was released on August 23rd 1991. To celebrate the SNES's 25th birthday, we're throwing a speedrun party to showcase its 5 release games!


 5:15pm EDT Pilotwings (Any%) run by Rakv
 6:00pm EDT SRL RACE #1 of Super Mario World (All Castles)
 7:15pm EDT SRL RACE of Gradius 3 (Level 4 Easy. 30 life code allowed)
 8:00pm EDT Gradius III race between RottDawg and Toad22484
 8:45pm EDT SRL RACE of F-Zero (Beat Knight and Queen league - beginner)
10:00pm EDT SRL RACE #2 of Super Mario World (All Castles)
   ?? SRL RACE of SimCity (Reach 100,000 population)
   ?? SRL RACE of Pilotwings (Beat lessions 1 through 4)

Schedule is tentative and is subject to change.

For announcements follow @SpeedGamingShow
For more info, contact us via email.
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