A Link to the Past Randomizer Invitational League Season 6 Schedule

Date and Time (EDT) Players / Category Channel Commentary Tracking
Sun Sep 24,  03:10 PM To Infinity and Pgog_The Salt Miners
relkin/Telethar. humbugh/ganonsgonewild
SpeedGaming2 homemadebeer, PTM Nochibato, ph112358
Sun Sep 24,  03:10 PM The Bomb Squad_Oops All Foxes!
AdirondackRick/Adilor. KillerApp23/Trey Spyre
Sun Sep 24,  04:10 PM Terranigma is a great game_Fluff Around and Find Out
thalane/Wulfy. SuperNinTaylor/Zeke
Sun Sep 24,  04:10 PM The Spoilers_Begone, Pot!
zelgadissan/Dawnvenure. Doctor_Marty_0/Slumber Jack
No Stream
Sun Sep 24,  05:10 PM Amish Paradise_Leftovers:Restocked
DapperWormMan/Cheamo. zeronicks/Mystik
SpeedGaming2 dannymusic, Pichu10u
Sun Sep 24,  06:10 PM Perfect Unadulterated Gaming Squad_Rando Kids
daaanty/John Snuu. Andy/MrAaronSnerd
SpeedGaming5 Telethar madewokherd, relkin
Mon Sep 25,  01:10 PM Motte bashen_Rando Kids
faker jr vs John Snuu
Mon Sep 25,  08:10 PM Amish Paradise_SaHa's Kids
DapperWormMan vs Gylgamesh
Tue Sep 26,  06:10 PM Amish Paradise_SaHa's Kids
zeronicks vs Taelin116
Tue Sep 26,  09:10 PM JKLOL_Phendrana Drifters
Kaesden vs Wallkicks
Wed Sep 27,  01:10 PM Last Locationeers_Noble Foxes
ScottishBrave44 vs nobly
Thu Sep 28,  12:10 PM Perfect Unadulterated Gaming Squad_The Spec Rock Bonkers
daaanty vs NilssonAlex92
Thu Sep 28,  03:10 PM The Spoilers_Bolas Azules
shadyforce vs Kaede Rukawa
Thu Sep 28,  10:10 PM Fluff Around and Find Out_Bottles on Empty
Zeke vs Maniacal
Sun Oct 01,  02:10 PM To Infinity and Pgog_Oops All Foxes!
humbugh vs Adilor