SpeedGaming is hosting a Summer Tournament of ALTTP Randomizer, with cash prizes for the top 4 players.

Open Mode, with no major glitches.  This is a 2 stage tournament, with open qualifiers, followed by a Top 8 single-elim bracket.  The top 4 players in the bracket stage win a share of the prize pool.

Qualifiers (Aug 6 - Aug 29).  There will be 24 qualifier races on different days of the week and times of day.  The races will use SpeedRunsLive.com for timing.  Each player must participate in exactly 4 races, of their choice.  Your score in each race will be determined by what percentile you finished -- number of players you beat, divided by number of players in the race (not including you).  Your overall qualifier score will be the sum of your percentile in each of the 4 races.
Dates and times of qualifier races can be seen in the signup form or by checking the announcement channel in the discord server.

The top 8 players will compete in an 8 player single-elimination bracket.  The bracket will be seeded by qualifier score.  Matches will be best-of-3.  The final match will be best-of-5.  There will also be a match for 3rd place (best-of-3). The bracket matches will be played Sep 3 - Sep 23. For each round players will have 1 week to complete their races.

RULES AND REQUIREMENTS. Please read this thoroughly before signing up.

Sign up for qualifier races. New races will be added to the form each day. Signups for a given race will open approximately 2 days before the race and close 1 hour before the race countdown.

Remove yourself from the signup for a race. If you decide you can't make it, use this form to remove yourself. You must do this at least 1 hour before the race countdown.

We have a Discord server. All players MUST join this server!