Next Year's Tournaments (so far!)
You can increase the rank of these games or nominate new ones by contributing.

#1 SMZ3 Randomizer $260.00
#2 Super Metroid Randomizer $200.00
#3 Final Fantasy 1 Randomizer $109.50
#4 Ocarina Of Time Randomizer $101.00
#5 Bloodstained RotN Rando Bingo $69.00
#6 Aria Of Sorrow Randomizer $67.04
#7 Super Mario Bros. 3 Randomizer $58.00
#8 Star Tropics $34.50
#9 Super Mario Odyssey Triple Bingo $34.50
#10 ALTTP Randomizer $33.00
#11 Deadly Towers $25.50
#12 Zelda 1 Randomizer $25.00
#13 Mega Man X $21.00
#14 Skyward Sword Randomizer $20.00
  Back To The Future $2.00
  Robotech Battlecry (Any%) $1.50
  Bad Games Tournament $1.50
  Mystery Tournament $1.50
  Star Fox 64 Blue Line $1.50
  Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land $1.50
  SSB Brawl: The Subspace Emissary $1.50
  Star Wars Episode 1 Racer $1.50
  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 $1.50
  Link's Awakening (2019) $1.50
  Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment $1.50
  Sonic the Hedgehog $1.50
  Final Fantasy VI $1.50
  Cadence of Hyrule $1.50
  Donkey Kong Country 2 $1.50
  Mega Man X3 $1.50
  Super Mario All-Stars Any% $1.50

Nominate games by funding one of the prize pools

Option 1: Direct contribution
Option 2: Do it for FREE
If you are part of a speedrun community that wants to do a tournament at SGLive 2021, contact us to discuss more options for community fundraising (marathons, Crowd Control races, and other events).
The top 3 games (in total contributions) will be chosen as the "Main Tournaments" for SGLive 2021, and will receive an additional $1000 to their prize pools.
The next 5 games will be "Featured Side-tournaments" for SGLive 2021, and will receive an additional $200 to their prize pools.
The rest of the nominated games will be regular side-tournaments, and will receive an additional $20 to their prize pools.
Main Tournament bonuses ($1000) will be finalized July 1st 2021. Featured Side-tournament bonuses ($200) will be finalized the first day of SGLive 2021. For any tournament that doesn't raise at least $20 prize and at least 3 players signed up, its prize pool will be distributed among the other games that met the criteria.
Nominate any game you want, or add to another person's contribution. Write the name of the game in the comment when you contribute.
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